COMETS – TIFF Film Reviews 2019
November 10, 2019

Georgian production

Director – Tamar Shavgulidze

A film about unconditional love according to the director, Tamar Shavgulidze

Two women meet 30 or more years after they separated as young women.  Nana (Ketevan van Gegeshilze) remained in a small community near Tiblisi while Irina (Nino Kasradze) left. Irina moved to Poland, Krakow, Berlin, among other places.  Her father had 2 restaurants in Krakow and she now has 4. 

The film starts with Nana sending her daughter, Irina, to town to do some shopping.  While she’s gone, Irina who is visiting in the area, suddenly appears.  She is the comet exploding on the scene.  The two women catch up on their lives.

Nana has two children and two grandchildren.  Her husband was killed in a car accident which she believes may have been suicide.  She explains that he had a recurring dream of Irina returning and Nana leaving, a fear which she believes drove him to take his life.

The two women reminisce, remembering/visualizing themselves as young women, adolescents in love with one another.  Irina left some time after they kissed openly, believing the relationship could not go anywhere. She felt empty after her loss of Nana. 

It is clear that the feelings are still there.  When young Irina (Ekaterine Kalatozishvili), Nana’s daughter returns, she recognizes that when her mother had heart surgery after her father died, she had called out for Irina.  Now, it is clear who she was calling for.

The Director stated that the film was about two people in love, but definitely not a lesbian film!

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