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Gloria Geller

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Reviewed in Hamilton Magazine - Spring 2019 Edition

- By Jessica Rose

"What a delightful and inspiring story you've told. I followed the characters through their various challenges hoping they would be successful. I felt like my little girl self listening to my aunt weave stories of children in the forest finding helpers to make their way back home."

- Mary Bird

"I just finished reading Operation Noah's Ark and I really enjoyed it. I found it had an effective balance between an awareness of the effects of climate change on the environment and sebsequently on humans; th epotential changes that will occur in our lives with the advent of AI, robotics, technology, space travel; the challenges and opportunities these factors will create for humans in terms of responding tro these realities...and these, very current issues were comgines with a personal human interest story. My criteria for what constitutes a good book is that it need to capture my interest, keep me thinking and curious throughout, and leave me with some knowledgte and/or view of the world I didn't have before I read it. Gloria's book met all of those criteria..."

- Pat

"I very much liked the plot—original, crisp, and believable. The writer held my interest throughout. It would make a terrific film. "

- Candice (Amazon Review)

"I couldn't stop reading" 

"I read - and very much enjoyed - your book last night! You are such a multi-talented woman. Mazal tov on this impressive accomplishment."

- Claire

"Loved your book"

- Lyn

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Gloria Geller Operation Noah's Ark