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Gloria Geller

By the middle of the 21st century life on Earth has become unsustainable due to hurricanes, fires, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions caused by climate changes made through human intervention over the previous 200 years. In Operation Noah’s Ark, specially selected recruits are being prepared to leave Earth in order to colonize other planets, but at a very high personal cost to their personal freedom. Would you do it?


Operation Noah's Ark

Climate change having drastically altered life on Earth, Operation Noah's Ark is a secret mission to start over again off-Earth by colonizing Cinderella planets with human, animal and plant life. Recruits to eventually settle on other worlds are brought to the Central Command Post, an old radar station in northern Ontario. Jenny, one of the recruits, arriving at the Central Command Post, is simultaneously excited by the possibility of this new adventure while grieving the loss of her family, friends and everything she knows.

Meanwhile Jenny's parents and friends hire private investigators Ira and Brenda Brown to find out what happened to Jenny who has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, all evidence of her existence having been extinguished.

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About the Author

Gloria Geller, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina, was born in Toronto.  She retired to Hamilton after more than 40 years as an educator where she writes, weaves and tends her garden.  She has published in the areas of women and justice, young women's aspirations, as well as women caregivers and health care reform.  

Operation Noah's Ark is her first work of fiction to be published.

Gloria is an inspiration in my life!  


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Gloria Geller Operation Noah's Ark